Josh Beckett’s Success Makes It Easy For NESN Nation To Move On From Hanley Ramirez


Josh Beckett has returned to ace form this season, and NESN Nation couldn't be happier. After going 6-6 with a 5.78 ERA last season while battling injuries, he has surged back this season to reclaim his status as one of the most dominating pitchers in all of baseball.

Any discussion of Beckett's success with the Red Sox always seems to revisit that blockbuster 2005 trade when the Red Sox parted ways with stud prospect Hanley Ramirez in exchange for Beckett and fan favorite Mike Lowell.

Lately, Ramirez has been in the news for the wrong reasons, and it's making fans like NESN Nation's Krister Johnson feel very fortunate that the Red Sox parted ways with Ramirez when they did.

In Krister's mind, Ramirez has a lot in common with that really-hot-but-crazy girl (or guy) that you may have dated once upon a time. Sure, she (or he) might be smoking hot, but she's (he's) also pretty crazy and it might not be worth the trouble.

See what Krister means in the video and make sure to join the conversation with NESN Nation during the game on Twitter with the #RedSoxRoll hashtag.

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