David Ortiz Knows How Much People Overvalue Round Numbers When It Comes to Stats

Editor's note: The video above is from September 2010.

The media world is abuzz Friday morning discussing David Ortiz's visible anger on Thursday night. That outrage stemmed from the official scorer taking away an Ortiz RBI by ruling an error by left fielder Austin Kearns the night before. As a result, people are questioning why Ortiz is so worried about this one, measly RBI.

The answer to that comes not from this season but from last September. After Ortiz notched his 100th RBI of the 2010 season in a 6-1 win over the White Sox, reporters were happy to ask Ortiz how he felt about reaching the milestone for the sixth time in his career.

His answer was not what they expected.

"You make a big deal about 100," Ortiz told the assembled media, "but nobody makes a big deal about 99, so I guess you gotta look forward to getting 100. Am I correct? To me, personally, I don't think there's any difference. Seriously."

Where it did matter to Ortiz, or at least where he believed it to matter, was at the negotiating table. NESN's Heidi Watney asked if he thought the three-digit mark would make a difference in the Red Sox' picking up his option or not. Ortiz pondered the question for a second before answering.

"That's a good question," he said. "Not for me. Ask them."

The designated hitter also described in detail a moment from the previous season when he lost a surefire RBI.

"There's things that happen during the season," he said. "Like last year [in 2009], I remember I hit a double, and the runner was on second. [The runner] was reading the ball, and when he went around third, I think he tripped or fell or something — he got caught [at the plate]."

Ortiz finished that season with 99 RBIs.

"It's a three-digit number that people are kind of used to seeing, but I guess, I don't know," Ortiz added. "I don't care. Turn the page."

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