A.J. Burnett must be thrilled that the calendar has switched over to September. His ERA in August was a startling 11.91, his highest of any one month. Until this season, in fact, he had never won a game in August for the Yankees.

In his last two starts, Burnett has been so bad that there were talks of him falling out of the Yankees rotation altogether. Now, on Thursday night, all of a sudden he's held up relatively well. So far he's only allowing a two-run home run to Dustin Pedroia to blemish his scorecard.

With Burnett pitching so well, NESN Nation wonders if Yankees fans are as bewildered and upset as Red Sox fans are. Isn't this supposed to be the guy they love to hate? What's going on here?

Watch the video to see Nate Hinchey break down Burnett's start so far.

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