Dennis Eckersley Says Watching Red Sox From Home Like ‘Watching Your Kids Play’


Most parents will tell you that watching their kids play is often difficult to watch. You want your kid to succeed so badly, yet you have no control whatsoever on whether they actually do once they take the field.

NESN's Dennis Eckersley thinks that watching the Red Sox lately falls under the same category. It's been difficult to watch the Sox struggle throughout September knowing that he and the rest of Red Sox Nation can't do anything about it.

Eckersley said he also felt that way in 1978, when the Sox saw a big late-season lead slip away. That season, he last pitched on the Saturday before the season ended, and then had to watch while the Sox' fate was determined over the course of the next two games — without him having any control.

To hear more from Eckersley about that season and the anxiety that Red Sox Nation is currently feeling, check out the video above.

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