Slowly but surely, we are starting to learn that Terry Francona‘s tenure in Boston was extremely rocky toward the end. The Red Sox manager has stated that plenty of things irked him toward the end of his days as Red Sox manager, and Jerry Remy confirmed those Friday.

Speaking with Tom Caron following the now ex-Red Sox manager’s final news conference in Boston, Remy shed some light on how bad things got for Francona toward the end of his time in Boston.

“I know for a fact that over the last month, he was absolutely miserable with this ballclub in many conversations that I had with him; he felt that they didn’t have each others’ back,” Remy said. “If you listen to as much as what he had to say, he’s physically exhausted at the end of it. It didn’t surprise me at all.”

Remy also supported the claim that Francona didn’t feel entirely backed by the organization in his final season as the team’s manager.

“I think he was bothered by that. He’s the kind of guy if he feels like he doesn’t have support — total support — from every corner, then he’s not going to be able to execute the way he wants to execute.”

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