Heidi Watney is no stranger to tough interviews. While reporting on the Red Sox for the last four years, she’s had to deal with hundreds of players, each with their own unique personalities and attitudes toward the media.

On Thursday, Heidi visited WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Show as part of her farewell tour. She discussed her experience reporting on the Red Sox and whether or not she’s ever had an experience similar to when Bill Belichick lashed out at a reporter during a news conference on Wednesday.

“You are not in this business without learning the reality of rejection constantly,” Watney explained to John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. “These guys are not necessarily media savvy. 

“You’ve got a couple of players on [the team] who you know are your go-to guys, who will always give you at least a sound bite, sometimes a good one. But you know the guys in the clubhouse who don’t like the media, want nothing to do with the media and only do the media stuff begrudgingly.”

Josh Beckett is sometimes pointed to as one of those players that can be difficult for the media to cover, but Heidi came to his defense.

“[Beckett] would actually be fairly nice about [doing interviews],” she said. “I would say, ‘Hey Josh, I need this from you at some point this week.’ Sometimes he would do it, sometimes he would say, ‘Heidi, it is nothing against you. I just don’t like the TV thing.’

“He actually can be a nice person. He’s a human.”

Below is a picture of her taken during her visit in WEEI’s studios, via Twitter.

Heidi Watney Defends Josh Beckett, Discusses How Red Sox Deal With Media