Mario Balotelli Now Has Theme Music, Tinchy Stryder Releases 'Mario Balotelli (Ruff Sqwad)' (Video)Tinchy Stryder, a U.K. rap star, has penned the (un)official Mario Balotelli anthem. It’s just the latest bit of evidence that the Manchester City star has crossed over into the realm of pop stardom.

“Mario Balotelli (Ruff Sqwad)” is the third track on the free Christmas album Stryder released called “The Wish List”.

The song’s hook (refrain) repeats the words “why always me”, referring to a slogan Balotelli wore on a T-shirt underneath his jersey on Oct. 23. He scored the first goal in Mancherster City’s 6-1 demolition of Manchester United in the 22nd minute, partially removed his jersey, and revealed the now-famous shirt.

One day before the game, a friend of Balotelli’s brother was shooting fireworks out from the bathroom of his rented mansion and accidentally set the place on fire. Balotelli had to stay in a hotel for weeks while the home underwent repairs.

It was just one of a string of bizzare incidents that have endeared him to some, but made him a target of ridicule for others. He looks to end the year on a positive note, and even treated patrons at a Manchester bar to £1,000 ($1,566) worth of drinks on Christmas eve. There is never a dull moment in the Italian star’s story.

Click the video below to hear “Mario Balotelli (Ruff Sqwad).”

Photo via Flickr/futebolingles