It's been quite a while since the baseball world last heard from Mark Prior.

The last time the former Cubs phenom pitched in the big leagues was 2006, when he threw 43 2/3 innings before going down with recurring shoulder issues. Since then, Prior has signed minor league or non-guaranteed deals with the likes of the San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and even the independent Orange County Flyers trying to work his way back to the majors. Injuries have continued to hamper his career and keep him away from The Show, but it says something about his immense talent that the 31-year-old keeps getting chances.

Now toiling as a reliever, Prior has spent all of this season at Pawtucket. Though he may be hovering around the 88 to 91 mph range (as opposed to his former mid-90s stuff), Prior has been downright dominant in Triple-A this season, holding opposing batters to just four hits and two runs over eight innings thus far.

Watch the video above to hear The Boston Globe's Michael Vega give his take on what Pawtucket players Prior and Aaron Cook might be able to offer the big club this year.