The Olympic Club took on an almost funeral-like feeling for some Saturday afternoon, as a once-hopeful charge for Tiger Woods turned into a five-stroke disadvantage.

Another guy had a heck of a day, though.

Former NCAA champion John Peterson, who had qualified for the U.S. Open — his first major — through sectionals, was playing his way through the course with fellow LSU alumnus David Toms.

Peterson got off to a rough start on Saturday, but when he came around to the 13th, his fortunes changed. The 23-year-old smacked a clean shot, watched his ball float over the par-3 hole's fairway — and then saw it find its way into the cup.

It was 180 yards of perfection, and Peterson celebrated in the way that any golfer should be expected to, but few do.

Watch the shot and reaction below.

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Just a little Vince Vaughn at Wrigley Field. Crashin'. Unfortunately, the Red Sox crashed this party.

Tiger Woods Falls Off Lead at U.S. Open, But John Peterson Hits Tournament's First-Ever Hole-in-One (Video)

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"There's just too much work that has to be done with that team. You know? It's just not quite — it's clumsy. It's a little bit of a clumsy team."
–Phil Jackson, on the New York Knicks and why he wouldn't have accepted the team's head coaching job

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He offered to tough his way through it, red ink on his sock and all, but they declined.

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Abby Wambach. Still got it.

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