Well, after the Kevin Youkilis trade, this is just the application of Murphy's Law, right?

After tweaking his hamstring in Sunday afternoon's game in Seattle while sliding in to second, Will Middlebrooks figures to miss a little time. What remains to be seen is just how long the 23-year-old third baseman will be out, but it figures that a few Red Sox armchair general managers will be saying "I told you so" after the Sox traded away Youkilis and some of their infield depth.

The problem for the Red Sox is that, though Middlebrooks injury may not take two weeks to heal, carrying 13 pitchers with a six man rotation, the bench is very thin as the Sox open a series in Oakland against the Athletics. That may well force Boston to make a roster move or place Middlebrooks on the disabled list, but that's all speculation at this point.

Watch the video above to hear NESN broadcaster Don Orsillo break down the Middlebrooks situation, the Sox' tough series in Seattle and a few other topics on Red Sox Monster Monday.