Ben Cherington's work week never ends. That much is already obvious, but the Red Sox' monster weekend deal served as a reminder.

In a franchise-altering, history-making trade, the Sox sent Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto to the Dodgers, which alleviates Boston of more than $250 million in player salaries. Cherington started off his Monday morning with an appearance on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan and, as you might have expected, the megadeal was a hot topic.

Cherington is excited at the position the Red Sox are now in following the deal, although he was also quick to point out that they need to capitalize on the opportunity that has presented itself.

"There was a lot of back and forth. There were other things that we asked for that we didn't get. You never get everything you want in a deal," Cherington said. "We're happy about it. … Hopefully we've added to the upper-level talent in the system. And hopefully this is another step toward rebuilding our pitching staff. Again, a large part of this will be how well we take advantage of the opportunity and what kind of decisions we make going forward."

Cherington said he's happy with the core that remains intact in Boston. He also clarified what he meant when using the term "disciplined" during Saturday's news conference, and it's obvious the term has more than one layer.

"I guess I was referring to our decisions moving forward," he said. "But I think it really applies to the entire team outlook and not just the decisions we make but how we play. … Our best teams have been disciplined teams. We've grinded at-bats, we've made pitchers work, we've thrown strikes , we've played good, fundamental baseball, we've played disciplined baseball. Of course, the more disciplined players you have, you tend to play discipline baseball.

"The discipline that comes into decisions is simply trying to find good value — good value in free agency, good value in trades. that doesn't mean you don't spend money on players. We're going to have a significant payroll, a large payroll every year. This is Boston. We didn't all of a sudden become a smaller market. So, we're going to have a significant payroll," Cherington continued. "But we've got to make the most of that payroll. The good news is we can be disciplined but still take maybe more chances than another team might on the right guys and be aggressive at the right time. But ultimately what we really want is to have a disciplined team on the field."

Check out the video above to hear more from Cherington's conversation on D&C.