NFL Replacement Referees Are ‘Really In Over Their Heads,’ Can’t Keep Up at the Professional Level (Video)


One of the most-talked about issues going into the 2012 NFL season is that of the dispute between the league and its referees — or rather, its locked-out referees.

Until a new collective bargaining agreement can be reached, the usual referees — who are attempting to negotiate higher pay — will be unable to work NFL games.

In their places, the NFL is drawing from a wide pool of replacement referees, which include former college referees and officials from semi-professional leagues. But these replacements are quickly getting exposed as being unable to referee a game played at the speed and skill of the NFL.

Former vice president of officiating for the NFL and current FOX Sports analyst Mike Pereira called in to NESN Daily to discuss the problems that may arise from the use of these new referees, as well as other pertinent topics. Check it out in the above video.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@MikePereira

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