In the next few weeks, you could see the hot stove heat up even more.

The new collective bargaining agreement encourages deals to be made quicker, so after seeing B.J. Upton signed on Wednesday by the Braves, you could see more names like Russell Martin, Michael Bourn, and yes, even Mike Napoli, Nick Swisher and Adam LaRoche start to fly off the shelves as well. Since the Red Sox have had reported interest in Napoli and Swisher, they too may start to make deals before the winter meetings.

If the Red Sox sign any of those players, they’ll have Greg Colbrunn as a hitting coach. Peter Gammons spoke about why Colbrunn was the right man for the choice on Red Sox Now with NESN’s Tom Caron. He said that Colbrunn seemed to understand best what the Red Sox wanted out of a hitting coach and that his players will concentrate on being patient and working the count.

Watch the video above to hear Gammons explain why deals are getting done faster this year.