NHLPA Counterproposal to League Offer Provides Hope of Avoiding Courtroom Drama, Lost Season (Video)


There could be good news in the NHL lockout negotiations.

The NHL and NHLPA met face-to-face on Sunday for the first time since the first week of December, and it went well enough that the two sides met again on Monday. In the meeting on New Year’s Eve, the NHLPA delivered a counterproposal to the league’s 300-page offer. Sportsnet’s John Shannon said it was a good sign that the NHL did not outright reject it.

Now, the NHL will look over the NHLPA’s counterproposal more closely and discuss the discrepancies on Tuesday. Shannon said the productive talks mean there will likely be no disclaimer, anti-trust litigation or decertification, which likely would have meant the cancellation of the NHL season.

To hear all of Shannon’s thoughts on the meeting to (hopefully) end the lockout, watch the video above.

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