Bruins Owner Jeremy Jacobs Praises Commissioner Gary Bettman’s Role in Ending NHL Lockout (Video)


Before the puck dropped for Saturday night’s NHL season opener, Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs took the chance to address the media regarding the lockout that swallowed the team’s first 34 games.

Jacobs admitted that the work stoppage was detrimental to both the owners and the players, but the ability to salvage a season prevented it from being fully disastrous.

“Let me make this observation,” he said. “Nobody won, but more importantly, nobody lost at this point.”

Many fans and media members had been critical of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s role in the negotiations throughout the lockout, but Jacobs was effusive in his praise of the commissioner.

“This game has thrived with Gary Bettman as commissioner,” Jacobs said. “He’s moved it every year. He’s brought new technology, he’s brought new ideas to it and all. He’s probably brought a little bit of an abrasive personality with it. Not everybody loves him, and that’s to be understood. But he’s done a yeoman’s job and worked his butt off. You can’t outwork Gary, and for that I’m very happy that he was there. This agreement would not have gotten done without Gary Bettman.”

See more of Jacobs’ comments in the video above.

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