Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Hold Edge Over Texans Counterparts, But Is QB or Coach Bigger Difference? (Video)


When you break the Patriots-Texans matchup down to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick against Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak, well, you start to think that maybe Dan Shaughnessy had a point in his column blasting Houston’s chances against New England.

It’s obvious that the Patriots’ quarterback and head coach hold an advantage over the Texans’ combination, but the question is, which is bigger? In Brady versus Schaub, you have a three-time Super Bowl Champion, who’s proven himself over and over again in the postseason, against a quarterback who won his first playoff game just days ago.

Kubiak has one more playoff win than his quarterback, but he still doesn’t stack up to Belichick, especially after the Texans dropped three of the last four games of the regular season and lost their first-round bye.

In NESN’s Two Sides debate, Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald took Brady over Schaub, while Mike Mutnansky of WEEI took Belichick over Kubiak. The two also tackle whether Mike Shanahan should have taken Robert Griffin III out against the Seahawks on Sunday.

Mutnansky won the debate, according to NESN Daily viewers, but which side are you taking? Watch the video above to watch Howe and Mutnansky tackle the important NFL issues.

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