With Clay Buchholz accused of doctoring the baseball during his start in Toronto on Wednesday, there was no shortage of defenders coming to the Red Sox starter’s aid. Chief among them was manager John Farrell, who admitted that it bothered him “immensely” that someone watching on TV would try to stir up trouble for his ace.

“The fact is,” Farrell said before Thursday’s game, “the guy’s 6-0, he’s pitched his tail off and if people are going to point at cheating … unfounded.”

NESN analysts Jerry Remy and Dennis Eckersley agreed, quickly dismissing the claims made by former MLB pitcher and current Blue Jays broadcaster Dirk Hayhurst.

“I have faced guys that have thrown spitballs before and you know it right away,” Remy explained. “There was none of that going on here [Wednesday] night.”

Eckersley concurred, going so far as to call into question why Hayhurst’s criticism carries any weight.

“First of all, why are we giving this guy any play who said this, these accusations, to me is tired to begin with. He’s a lifetime minor league pitcher that’s watching the video and I don’t know what he saw,” Eckersley said. “To me, it’s a joke. [Buchholz is] so nasty, to take anything away from the way the guy is throwing the ball right now is absolutely ridiculous.

“To take that away from this kid right now is a crime because this is as good as I’ve seen anybody start a season off and he doesn’t need to cheat.”

Check out what else Eckersley and Remy had to say in the above video.