Bruins Fan Paints Giant Spoked-B Logo on Front Lawn (Photo)


Jun 22, 2013

If, for some reason, you thought you were the biggest Bruins fan around, this person might have you beat.

At least one Bruins fan is so passionate — or crazy, depending on how you look at it — about their team that they chose to put their artistic ability to the test by painting a massive Bruins logo in the middle of their lawn, complete with black, gold and white colors.

It’s not exactly clear who or where the creator of this masterpiece is, as it comes from Reddit user “AnnnnditsGone.” What is clear, though, is that they are a big B’s fan, and they definitely don’t mind sacrificing a beautiful looking lawn for the sake of their favorite hockey team — or getting a little publicity, for that matter.

Check out the Bruins-covered lawn in the picture below.

Photo via Reddit/AnnnnditsGone

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