Report: Patriots Facilities Treated for MRSA After Pats-Buccaneers Joint Practices


Aug 28, 2013

Gillette StadiumThe Patriots and Buccaneers got some good work in together a couple of weeks ago, and while everything went smoothly, there was some concern that things weren’t exactly clean — and that has nothing to do with playing within the rules. reports the Patriots had to treat their facilities at Gillette Stadium for MRSA after the two teams shared the place for joint practices and their Aug. 16 preseason game.┬áThe staph infection threatened the Bucs earlier this preseason, with two players suffering from MRSA infections shortly after that game. That’s what led to the Patriots taking the precaution when it came to cleaning everything.

According to the report, the Patriots had the visiting locker room professionally cleaned, and the equipment Tampa Bay used during the practices was also sanitized. No Patriots were reportedly affected, but the club would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the staph infection, which can easily spread, especially among sports teams.

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