Jonny Gomes learned he would be starting Game 4 halfway through batting practice, but the spirited outfielder proved that was plenty of time to prepare for the huge opportunity.

Gomes delivered the biggest hit of the night, sending a Seth Maness sinker into the left field seats in the sixth inning to give Boston a 4-1 lead. After the game, though, Gomes could only express his gratitude for getting the opportunity to play and his gratitude for David Ortiz, who led the Sox’ hitting attack with three of his own.

In the midst of showering the “superstar in the box and in the clubhouse” with compliments, another Red Sox player got the chance to show his love. As David Ross was finishing up a separate interview near Gomes, the catcher walked over and planted a big kiss on No. 5’s cheek. Gomes didn’t miss a beat, however, saying “thank you buddy” for the affection and continuing on with his praise of Ortiz.

Check out all of Gomes’ postgame interview with NESN’s Jenny Dell in the above video.