The Arizona Cardinals boast the best record in the NFL at 9-1, but it doesn’t feel like they’re getting the media attention they deserve.

Ex-NFL players Matt Chatham, Brady Poppinga and Brady Quinn on this week wrote about the different types of media attention their teams received when they played in markets of various sizes.

Chatham and Quinn both agree there is a lot more scrutiny playing in cities like Boston or New York, where players always are under a microscope, rather than smaller markets like Kansas City, St. Louis and Arizona, where there aren’t as many reporters covering a team.

They also mentioned that not getting as much media attention could be helping the Cardinals this year because they’re able to focus more on playing football.

Poppinga, who played in Green Bay for six seasons, said the Packers received plenty of attention but that it mostly wsa due to the team’s national following rather than market size.

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Thumbnail photo via Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports Images