If the Boston Bruins didn’t have as many eyes on them, they might have thrown in the towel a while ago.

But thanks to some tough love from general manager Peter Chiarelli, CEO Charlie Jacobs and, of course, the fans, the B’s won their fourth straight game Tuesday and are playing better overall.

“When we have the ability to spend what we do — not just on the player personnel side but also other departments — to put a championship team on the ice, the expectations are high,” Bruins president Cam Neely said prior Boston’s win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday. “We’ve had success because of that, and our fan base has expectations for us as well. Quite frankly, I love the high expectations. As an athlete, you want to have that.”

For Neely, the Bruins’ sluggish start didn’t fall on one person. It fell on everyone.

“The bulk of these players, we knew what they could bring and what they should be bringing,” Neely said. “It just so happened that most of them at the same time weren’t performing at the levels we expected.”

Hear more from Neely in the video above.

Thumbnail photo via Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports Images