NFL Owners Vote To Tweak Instant Replay For 2017 Season At Spring Meeting


May 24, 2016

NFL owners voted to give game officials help from the league office in 2016.

Team owners voted to tweak instant replay rules at the NFL Spring Meeting on Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C., the league announced. One of the tweaks allows on-field officials to communicate with the league office.

Here’s the official verbiage from the playing rule proposal:

“The Replay Official and designated members of the Officiating Department at the League office may consult with the on-field officials to provide information on the correct application of playing rules, including appropriate assessment of penalty yardage, proper down, and status of the game clock.”

NFL owners also voted to expand reviewable plays to include game administration (changes in bold).

“The Replay System will cover the following play situations:
(a) Plays involving possession.
(b) Plays involving touching of either the ball or the ground.
(c) Plays governed by the goal line.
(d) Plays governed by the boundary lines.
(e) Plays governed by the line of scrimmage.
(f) Plays governed by the line to gain.
(g) Number of players on the field at the snap, even when a foul is not called.
(h) Game administration:
(1) Penalty enforcement.
(2) Proper down.
(3) Spot of a foul.
(4) Status of the game clock.

The official reason for the rule change is it “provides for more extensive use of Instant Replay system.”

Thumbnail photo via Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports Images

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