New England Patriots icon Kevin Faulk pulled over a fast one on the NFL a few months back, but he had a little help in doing so.

The former Patriots running back — who was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday — delighted Patriots fans at the NFL Draft in late April by wearing the jersey of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to announce the team’s third-round draft pick.

Brady eventually relented in his fight and accepted his four-game suspension. The Patriots quarterback hasn’t said much about the decision since giving up the fight last month, but he did make a public appearance Monday at Faulk’s induction. Brady returned the favor, showing up in a Faulk No. 33 jersey — after Faulk also wore Brady’s jersey to the induction ceremony.

Faulk’s initial decision, of course, came in the middle of Brady and the Patriots’ ongoing battle with the NFL over Deflategate, meaning his decision likely wouldn’t go over well with the NFL. The ex-running back revealed Monday on “NESN Sports Today” that he had a little help on the inside to pull a quick one on the NFL.

See more in the video above from “NESN Sports Today.”