Toyota’s New Targa-Top Concept Is Powered By Race-Spec Hybrid System

by NESN Staff

October 6, 2017

Japan’s biggest automaker is bringing out the big guns for the Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota on Friday revealed its new GR HV Sports concept, a rear-wheel-drive sports car that will make its official debut at the auto show Oct. 25. Although the targa-top design evokes nostalgia of the Supra, the GR HV Sports’ biggest selling point is the fact that it’s a hybrid.

The concept utilizes the race-spec powertrain from the Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid, which broke the Circuit de la Sarthe lap record during qualifying for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The power plant in the GR HV Sports likely is a less-power version, however, otherwise it will send roughly 1,000 horsepower to its rear wheels.

Toyota also fitted the concept with an extremely unusual automatic transmission.

A group of buttons on the dash board are used to select the usual drive, reverse, park and neutral gears. But there also is an “M” button that engages a pseudo-manual mode, in which the driver changes gears using a six-speed H-pattern gearbox — and Toyota “playfully” put the ignition switch under a fighter-jet style switch atop the gear stick.

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept

The TS050 also served as inspiration for the GR HV Sports’ exterior, as it utilizes LED headlights, aluminum wheels and a rear diffuser that are similar to the ones found on the Le Mans Prototype 1 racer.

Based on the pictures of the car, the GR HV Sports looks near-production ready. And given that Toyota recently revealed its upcoming GR Series — comprised of GR, GR Sport and GRMN performance levels — we wouldn’t be surprised if the HV stands for “hybrid vehicle,” and soon will be announced as a fourth tier of the sports sub-brand.

All photos via Toyota

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