BMW Suggests Building Secondary Road Network To Ease Congestion In Cities

Automakers often create concepts that are based on themes. BMW, for example, designed one that’s aimed at providing a solution to increasingly overcrowded cities.

But BMW’s concept isn’t a car.

Instead, the German automaker’s Elevated Road Concept would be a secondary, enclosed roadway network, in which people would ride electric bikes — which BMW weirdly referred to as “emission-free two-wheelers.” These bikes would be automatically limited to the appropriate speed limit for the road you are riding on, and the direction of travel in the central tidal lane would automatically change at certain times of the day using artificial intelligence.

“Our goal is to link sustainable and efficient mobility with a high quality of living in cities,” Dr. Gerd Schuster, vice president of BMW’s Research, New Technologies and Innovations division, said in a statement. “We use new technologies as well as our creativity in order to create innovative approaches as the BMW Vision E³ Way.”

It’s interesting that Elon Musk’s The Boring Company thinks the way to solve overpopulation is transporting cars underground, while BMW feels it’s using bikes above ground — literally.

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