Cue the New England Patriots conspiracy theories.

Somehow, someway, Tom Brady led the Patriots to a thrilling 24-20 comeback win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. And after Brady took a knee to clinch a berth in Super Bowl LII, he was congratulated by … a referee?

Yup, a referee was the first person to congratulate the Patriots quarterback on the win. Check this out:

The NFL is rigged!

Sunday’s game, of course, was not rigged, but Patriots haters looking for more ammo likely will turn to this referee’s actions, plus this eye-opening stat:

OK, that’s a bit curious. But the Patriots are coached by perhaps the greatest coach in NFL history, so let’s allow for the possibility that they just have great discipline.

Regardless, the Jaguars are going home, and the Patriots are moving on with a chance to win the sixth Super Bowl title in franchise history.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images