You’ve seen the play by now. You’ve heard the spine-tingling radio calls and emotional fan reactions.

But Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints game was every bit the roller coaster for the betting community, as well.

That’s because the Vikings entered the NFC Divisional Round matchup as 5.5-point favorites. For those who bet on Minnesota, all seemed lost — until Case Keenum found Stefon Diggs for an improbable, 61-yard walk-off touchdown. Disaster averted, right?

Well …

The score put the Vikings up 29-24, and by rule, they needed to at least attempt an extra point. But with zeros on the clock, they had no incentive to do anything, and entire Saints team already had ran off the field toward the locker room.

A bizarre scene followed, as 11 New Orleans players had to run back onto the field for the formality of the extra point.

Imagine watching this scene as a Minnesota bettor, hoping against hope that the Vikes decide to boot a PAT for the heck of it and go up by six?

Alas, Keenum took a knee to etch the five-point win in stone, disappointing Minnesota bettors and elating Saints backers everywhere.

Here’s how the extra point played out at a sportsbook at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand:

We’ve never seen that many folks excited for a kneel-down on a PAT.

Remember, kids: If you’re putting money on a game, always expect the unexpected.

Thumbnail photo via Brace Hemmelgarn/USA TODAY Sports Images