Conversations surrounding mental health have become far more common in the NBA lately, and Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens wants that trend continue.

In the past few weeks alone, DeMar DeRozan, Kevin Love and Kelly Oubre Jr. all have discussed bouts with mental health issues, with struggles ranging from anxiety to depression to panic attacks.

Discussing such things — especially for male professional athletes — long have been stigmatized as a sign of weakness and lack of mental fortitude, but the winds of change are blowing. Players are becoming more outspoken and candid about what they’re going through, and it is imploring others to do the same.

And when asked about it after practice Saturday, Stevens discussed how he is “thrilled” that conversations about mental health are coming to the forefront in the NBA.

Celtics guard Marcus Smart went on to discuss how Stevens has been ahead on the matter, always encouraging players to pay attention to and take care of their mental health.

It’s great to see the mental aspect of players’ health receiving valuable attention, and hopefully with the help of coaches like Stevens, that only will continue.

Thumbnail photo via Erik Williams/USA TODAY Sports