There’s disrespecting your opponent, and then there’s what Drew Chatman did to Irvins Ayala on Friday night in California.

Chatman scored a lucky knockout of Ayala during Round 1 of their heavyweight bout at Legacy Fighting Alliance 36 after Ayala inadvertently banged his head on Chatman’s knee. After the fight was stopped, Chatman decided it was a good idea to jump on Ayala’s back and perform a front flip — potential neck/spine injuries be damned.

Watch the bizarre moment in the clip below:

Unsurprisingly, Chatman was disqualified for the dangerous stunt.

Here’s LFA’s explanation:

Weird is right.

Chatman’s antics were particularly baffling when you consider his knockout of Ayala was completely fortuitous. If Ayala hadn’t banged his head, there’s a decent chance that Chatman would’ve been the one knocked out.

Either way, not an ideal debut for the amateur Chatman, who was making his professional MMA debut.