We still are a year away from Kyrie Irving becoming a free agent, but it already is pretty safe to say that every time he is asked about his future, the answer is going to be the same.

On Friday, the Celtics point guard gave a pretty vague answer in an interview with the New York Times about the likelihood of him signing long-term in Boston. And while that probably wasn’t the answer many Celtics fans would have liked to hear, he reiterated it again.

In an interview with Boston Sports Journal published Monday, Irving gave his mindset when it comes to his contract.

“It’s encouraging,” Irving said of his time in Boston to date. “For me, it’s my job to just stay present. When all that stuff at that time comes, we’ll see what happens.”

Again, not the clearest answer, but it is what we are going to get for months to come.

That said, he did back up the notion that he’s staying in the present by expressing a great deal of excitement to play alongside a healthy Gordon Hayward and the rest of the Celtics next season.

“I’m just excited to see what that looks like, really getting that experience with (Hayward) and seeing what other pieces we have going forward,” Irving told BSJ’s Brian Robb. “I think that’s the exciting part about all this is that when you’re shaping up to gear up to be a championship-caliber team for years to come — which I think (president of basketball operations Danny Ainge) has echoed for a little bit. I’m just appreciative to be a part of it and see where my career can take off as well. I’m excited.”

There’s plenty of uncertainty surrounding Irving’s future, but we know that at least for now he will be in green next season. And for that reason, C’s fans probably should sit back and enjoy it while it is a reality.

Thumbnail photo via Erik Williams/USA TODAY Sports Images