Someone needs to teach Levi Thomas the real meaning of the phrase “can of corn.”

Troy’s freshman right-hander surrendered five runs on four homers Sunday in his team’s 11-7 loss to Georgia in the Regional round of the 2018 NCAA Baseball Tournament. And on each of those four homers, Thomas hilariously shot up his right arm to signal “fly ball” on balls that were, well, flying out of the ballpark. The third shot, in particular, was an absolute bomb over the backdrop in center field.

Here’s the first:

Here’s the second:

(You can click here to watch the third, which might be the best of all.)

And here’s the fourth-and-final bomb:

If you want to see all four packaged into one, you can watch the video below:

(Good luck not laughing.)

Honestly, we have no idea what was going through Thomas’ head on those plays. Perhaps he just wasn’t used to giving up homers, as he only allowed two all season prior to Sunday’s shellacking.

In any event, the loss forced Troy to play Duke in an elimination game Sunday night. The Trojans wound up losing 15-6, ending their season with a 42-21 record.