LaVar Ball once infamously claimed that he could beat Michael Jordan — arguably the greatest player in NBA history — in a game of 1-on-1 during Ball’s heyday.

Well, if you thought that was insane then you better sit down.

LeBron James, who also is in the NBA’s GOAT conversation, recently joined the Los Angeles Lakers to play alongside LaVar’s son Lonzo Ball.

So it’s only natural that someone had to ask LaVar how King James would have fared in a 1-on-1 game against prime LaVar.

We hope you’re sitting down.

In an interview with Fanatics View, LaVar claimed that James was “too weak” to take on Papa Ball when he was a young hooper averaging a whopping 2.2 points per game in one season at Washington State.

But the facts won’t stop LaVar.

“Back in my heyday can’t nobody hold me, 270 benching 500,” Ball said apparently referring to how strong he thinks he was. “All they gotta do is back you in, I’ll lift all of them up off they feet.”

When asked for video of his strength and skill, Ball, of course, went with the cerebral YouTube excuse.

“Don’t need no videos, it’s all up here,” Ball said pointing to his brain. “You want to come see me back in my heyday? I was a bad mamajama. I’m going to let you know. My will to win was too hard man. Man, 1-on-1 I’d be on myself all day.”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, James would put LaVar in a blender and then send him through the back wall of the gym if the two ever suited up on the hardwood. James could play with only his left hand and LaVar probably would struggle to score a point.

Second of all, now that James is the face of the Lakers, LaVar might want to keep quiet or else The King will have Lonzo shipped out of town on a rail.

You better watch yourself, LaVar.

You can check out the full interview with LaVar Ball here. 

Thumbnail photo via Richard Mackson/USA TODAY Sports Images