Jalen Ramsey loves to talk trash — and thank goodness for that.

The Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback recently did a wide-ranging interview with GQ’s Clay Skipper, and the results were tremendous. Most notably, Ramsey offered his thoughts on nearly every NFL quarterback, including a full-blown evisceration of Buffalo Bills rookie QB Josh Allen.

Check this out:

“I think Allen is trash. I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash. And it’s gonna show too,” Ramsey said. “That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell. I hope he’s their starting quarterback. He played at Wyoming. Every time they played a big school — like, they played Iowa State, which is not a big school in my opinion because I went to Florida State, and he threw five interceptions, and they lost by a couple touchdowns or something like that.

“He never beat a big school. If you look at his games against big schools, it was always hella interceptions, hella turnovers. It’s like: Yo, if you’re this good, why couldn’t you do better? He fits that mold, he’s a big, tall quarterback. Big arm, supposedly. I don’t see it, personally.”

Those are hella harsh words for the No. 7 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Ramsey followed up his takedown of Allen with this beatdown of Joe Flacco:

“I would’ve picked (Lamar Jackson) earlier than 32,” Ramsey said. “I think he’s gonna do a good job. Especially with the (Baltimore Ravens’) offensive coordinator — he likes running quarterbacks, likes that read option.

“And just being honest about it, (Joe) Flacco sucks. I played him two years in a row. He sucks.”

The 2017 All-Pro clearly isn’t a member of the “Flacco is elite” club.

Here’s a recap of Ramsey’s thoughts on other NFL quarterbacks, courtesy of NESN.com’s Zack Cox:

Whether you agree or disagree with Ramsey’s opinions on NFL signal-callers, you have to appreciate his candor.

That same aggressiveness occasionally gets the best of him, of course: He recently was suspended for a week after tearing into Jaguars beat reporters. He also ate his words after trash-talking Tom Brady and the New England Patriots before last season’s AFC Championship game.

And you can be sure Ramsey will be up to his usual tricks during the lead-up to the Patriots-Jags rematch in Week 2.

Thumbnail photo via Reinhold Matay/USA TODAY Sports Images