Rob Parker can’t help himself.

The FOX Sports 1 loudmouth who has a personal vendetta against the New England Patriots (for reasons that remain unknown) fired up his hot take cannon Wednesday afternoon and unleashed another sizzler.

It has been an unusual few months for the Patriots, from reported rifts to a slow start in training camp thanks in part to a depleted receiving core. Still, no team in the AFC East did much to make themselves even remotely a competitor and Tom Brady, despite being 41 years-old, has shown no signs of stopping his elite play.

But during an appearance on “The Herd,” Parker — who has made his career off sounding the alarms — asserted that although he’s not a “sound the alarm” guy, the Patriots should be doing just that.

Strap in.

If you missed it, Parker reveals in his yammering that he believes the New York Jets, who went 5-11 last season and did little to improve, might win the division. But it’s worth keeping in mind that such a take is par for the course for Parker, who very clearly says things even he doesn’t truly believe.

While it is valid that the Patriots could drop off at any point, Parker didn’t exactly lay out a compelling or convincing case.

Thumbnail photo via Brian Fluharty/USA TODAY Sports Images