How Jimmy Garoppolo’s NFL career ultimately ends up panning out remains to be seen, but if it does turn out the way many think it will, it would be understandable that the New England Patriots would have some seller’s remorse.

The Patriots traded the quarterback to the San Francisco 49ers last season, and after a good showing in five games, Garoppolo was inked to a long-term deal to remain in the Bay Area. However, a report surfaced Tuesday that indicated some Patriots staffers already are regretting the move, as it compromised the Patriots’ potential success long-term.

So while there’s logical arguments to be had on both sides, FOX Sports 1 talk show co-host Nick Wright has his doubts about the Patriots reported regrets. During Wednesday’s episode of his show “First Things First,” Wright explained why the Patriots really had no other choice.

Certainly some sound logic.

While there may be a “one that got away” sentiment around Garoppolo, the reality is things are going pretty good in Foxboro with Tom Brady under center.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports