The Boston Red Sox have won a whole lot of games this season, and thanks to a clever idea, Alex Cora will be able to remember each and every one of them.

Unfortunately for the Red Sox manager, he might have to rely on his memory from here on out.

Following each Red Sox win this season, Cora has put a photo from the game on the wall in his office at Fenway Park. It appears Cora’s project has come to an end, though, and he only has his team’s remarkable success to blame.

If Tuesday night’s victory is, in fact, the last game Cora will be able to commemorate with a photo, it’s safe to say he went out on top. With a win in the series opener against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Red Sox clinched a berth in the 2018 Major League Baseball playoffs.

Thumbnail photo via Paul Rutherford/USA TODAY Sports