A lot of people spew out hot takes about Tom Brady, but seemingly no one does more so than Max Kellerman.

The “First Take” co-host has garnered a fair amount of heat for his take about Brady “falling off a cliff,” but Kellerman provided another scorcher Tuesday morning on ESPN.

The Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers debate has been at the forefront of football conversation of late. While it’s only natural for two of the game’s best quarterbacks to be pitted against each other, Kellerman believes there’s only one reason that it’s even a debate in the first place.

Sure, one can argue that Rodgers is better from a pure talent standpoint, but Kellerman makes it seem as though the Green Bay Packers star is leaps and bounds superior in skill to the New England Patriots signal-caller. Rodgers probably has Brady beat in arm talent, but the five-time Super Bowl champion has deadly accuracy and rarely turns the ball over.

Kellerman, of course, is correct about Brady being a great leader, but that’s far from the only reason why TB12 vs. Rodgers can be a fierce debate.

Thumbnail photo via Benny Sieu/USA TODAY Sports