Is it time for New England Patriots fans to give up the belief that Tom Brady is better than Aaron Rodgers?

The debate over who is the better NFL quarterback was all the rage Monday, thanks to Rodgers’ ridiculous performance Sunday in the Green Bay Packers’ win over the Chicago Bears. And while there’s no debate over who is the more accomplished QB, Rodgers’ performance in Week 1 made it tough to argue that anyone has more talent than the Packers signal-caller.

Brady, for one, apparently believes there is no debate.

Check out this tweet from ESPN and The New York Times’ Ian O’Connor:

It’s worth noting that we have no idea when or to who Brady said this, if he did at all. But O’Connor is as credible as they come, so the legitimacy of this quote probably shouldn’t be disputed.

Brady’s point probably is accurate. The 41-year-old has benefited from spending his entire career with Bill Belichick, perhaps the greatest coach in NFL history, and the Patriots clearly are better than any other franchise at getting the most out of their players. Rodgers, meanwhile, has had to play for Mike McCarthy, whose play calling is suspect, as well as for an organization that struggles to build a Super Bowl-caliber roster.

Perhaps the biggest knock on Rodgers is his inability to stay on the field — availability is the best ability, after all. The 34 year old also has had some unimpressive performances in the playoffs, where Brady typically is at his best.

Still, all things being equal, Rodgers probably has more talent than any quarterback in NFL history. Talent alone, however, doesn’t win championships — let alone five of them.

Thumbnail photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images