BOSTON — The Red Sox’s continued shuffling of the middle infield may not be over just yet.

Red Sox infielder Pablo Reyes was removed in the sixth inning of Saturday afternoon’s matchup with the Los Angeles Dodgers — with Boston citing elbow pain as the reason for his exit.

The move necessitated some weird defensive changes for the Red Sox, as Connor Wong moved from catching to second base, Luis Urías moved from second to third base, Rafael Devers moved from third to shortstop and Reese McGuire entered the game to catch.

The very next inning things would look a bit normal, as everyone moved back to their original spots, while McGuire moved to designated hitter and Trevor Story moved from DH to shortstop.

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The injury to Reyes wasn’t initially noticeable, as he was removed in the middle of an inning change.

Featured image via Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports Images