The past year has been a trying one for Gisele Bündchen.

In the early stages of Tom Brady’s final NFL season, Bündchen and the future Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback finalized their divorce after 13 years of marriage. From there, the Brazilian supermodel was challenged with moving herself and her children from Tampa Bay to Miami, where she now resides with son Ben, 13, and daughter Vivian, 10.

But as Bündchen handled the difficult logistics that come with divorce, she also was dealing with her parents who faced health issues.

“It’s been very tough on my family. It’s been a lot — in every area of my life,” Bündchen said in an interview with People magazine. “I feel like whenever it rains, it pours. With all the different twists and turns that life takes, all we can do is the best we can given what happens in our surroundings.”

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This wasn’t the first time Bündchen referenced the challenging nature of her divorce from Brady. Earlier in the summer, she referenced how the intense media coverage of the split only made the situation more difficult to deal with.

Featured image via Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports Images