Nearly everyone talked about Tommy DeVito’s agent Sean Stellato over the course of “Monday Night Football.”

That even includes former NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning.

Stellato, who is a Salem, Mass. native, became a viral sensation prior to the New York Giants hosting the Green Bay Packers when cameras caught him on the sideline next to DeVito wearing a black pinstripe suit and matching black fedora.

The Manning brothers sure had their comments about Stellato’s flashy outfit during their “ManningCast” show, some of which rubbed Stellato the wrong way.

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Stellato took exception to Peyton Manning’s response when Eli Manning said Stellato’s nickname in college was “slimy.” The former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos signal-caller, who said Stellato “looked like Johnny Fontane from ‘The Godfather,'” said he thought it was the “perfect” nickname for Stellato.

“To be honest with you, I personally was disappointed in Peyton,” Stellato told “This is someone who has done so much for the game, and he was obviously a runner-up to (Tom) Brady in every category. But to make a statement like that of someone — outside of meeting me at the Pro Bowl — I thought it was disappointing. That’s not how I operate. I’m very curious, not judgmental. But look it, as a player, as an agent I let my results speak for themselves. I don’t even know if Peyton ever even saw the movie ‘The Godfather.’ Did they even show that in Mississippi or wherever he grew up? It is what it is.”

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The Manning brothers grew up in New Orleans before going on to star in the NFL. Stellato, who never reached that level of football as he played at Marist, denied that “slimy” was ever his nickname.

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“I don’t know where that even came from,” Stellato said. “A lot of my college buddies were like, ‘You were so slimy on the field no one could touch you.’ … But I feel strongly what I just said in terms of the response to the remarks he made.”

The comments from the Mannings hardly put a damper on Stellato’s night, though.

Not only did he obtain Internet fame, which included another viral moment of him exchanging kisses with DeVito’s father following a Giants touchdown, he also saw his client orchestrate a late drive to lead New York to a narrow 24-22 win.

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