Jason Kelce has been a staple of the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 seasons, helping lead the team to two NFC Championships and a Super Bowl LII title.

After a storied career, could the 36-year-old be at the end of his football journey as a player?

Reports surfaced that Kelce informed his team that he would be retiring after Philadelphia fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 32-9 loss in the NFC wild-card round Monday.

Since then, Jason Kelce addressed his football future alongside his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, on their “New Heights” podcast.

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“I didn’t announce what I was doing on purpose, despite I guess what’s been leaked to the media,” Jason Kelce explained. “People can feel body language and stuff. I just don’t think you’re in a position after a game like that to really make that decision. I just don’t. There’s too much emotion in the moment. There’s too much going down in the moment to really fully grasp that decision.”

Kelce continued: “I’m not trying to be dramatic and continue to drag this thing out. I’m really not. It’s just something that when it’s time to officially announce what’s happening in the future, it’ll be done in a way that definitive and pays respect to a lot of people and individuals that have meant a lot to me and what has led to the career I’ve had. I don’t think that it would be respectful or even accurate to be able to do that right after a game like that.”

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While the All-Pro center still seems to be heading toward retirement, the announcement will belong to him when he feels the time is right.

“In the future, there will be something said, I guess,” Kelce added.

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Beyond Kelce’s decision, the Eagles are sure to see plenty of change this offseason after losing six of their final seven games down the stretch.

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