BOSTON — The scoreboard showed a different story, but the Boston Bruins dropped an ugly 3-0 game to the Washington Capitals at TD Garden on Saturday afternoon.

And while the Bruins feel their performance was “unacceptable,” causing head coach Jim Montgomery to make a bold statement, Brad Marchand doesn’t feel losing two out of three games is reason to panic.

“It’s not concerning,” Marchand told reporters. “You don’t want to see it happen, but it’s not concerning.”

Marchand added: “We just got to get back to the consistency we had last little bit. Back to our game again in the next one.”

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Marchand has always maintained that the Bruins can’t hold onto a game once it’s concluded. That they team has to refocus for the next game in order to be in the right mindset.

“We got to find a way, that’s what good teams do,” Marchand said. “There are the games that you’re gonna have to be able to find a way to win going down the stretch and in the playoffs.

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“You have to expect everyone’s best and always gotta take it on yourself, a little bit of ownership to try and be a difference out there and try to turn the tide and the momentum. We didn’t have that tonight.”

The Bruins captain said the mindset can’t change because the team got shut out at home.

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“It’s one game. It doesn’t matter if we lose 10 nothing or have a game like we did,” Marchand said. “It was a bad game. We know that. (…) That’s part of being a good team, being good professionals … going and looking at it and regrouping. We got another big game here coming up, so you can’t dwell on it.”

Marchand added: “We know we have to be better. A lot of areas we know we can do better in, but we’re not the last place team in the league. Just because we had a couple of bad games, we’re still okay here and we know that. We just got to respond.”

The Bruins will look to get back in the win column when they host their Atlantic Division rivals, the Tampa Bay Lightning, at TD Garden on Tuesday.

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