Tom Brady clearly was fed up toward the end of his New England tenure, and the Patriots didn’t do anything to change the star quarterback’s mood.

Even at the time of the decay, Danny Amendola knew that was a mistake.

In “The Dynasty,” the Apple TV+ docuseries about the Patriots’ unprecedented 20-year run, Brady revealed he never was going to re-sign with New England after his final contract with the franchise expired. Basically, the star signal-caller was so tired of Bill Belichick that he was eager to hit NFL free agency for the first time in his career — in his 40s, no less.

Brady ended up thriving in Tampa Bay, while the Patriots floundered without the organization’s all-time greatest player. Those lopsided results didn’t surprise Amendola in the slightest.

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“I could’ve gotten the kid from Foxborough High School to tell you that you shouldn’t have let Tom Brady go,” Amendola says in “The Dynasty,” per The Boston Globe’s Ben Volin.

Well played, Danny.

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For fans unaware, Belichick had a history of mocking Patriots players by comparing them to Foxboro High School students any time they messed up. In fact, Belichick used the dig so often that it became a staple in Julian Edelman’s impersonation of his former head coach.

Brady might not have as much built-up resentment toward Belichick as he used to, though. The seven-time Super Bowl champion spoke glowingly about the legendary coach when his New England tenure ended after 24 seasons.

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