Many inside the New England Patriots organization stressed this offseason that it’s a new era for the franchise.

The recent era clearly wasn’t well-respected by players. But Patriots owner Robert Kraft clearly has some blame for that, in addition to Bill Belichick.

The NFLPA on Wednesday released its annual “Player Team Report Cards.” It was made up of the opinions of 1,706 players from across the league to highlight positive clubs, the shortcomings of others and areas of improvement.

The Patriots organization ranked 29th out of 32 NFL teams. The grade was made up of 11 categories with two of those categories resulting in an “F” and “F-.”

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Treatment of families: F- (30th)
Food/ cafeteria: B- (15th)
Nutritionist/dietician: B- (20th)
Locker room: C- (20th)
Training room: C (22nd)
Training staff: B- (25th)
Weight room: F (32nd)
Strength coaches: C- (31st)
Team travel: D (24th)
Head coach: B- (27th)
Owner: D+ (27th)

New England’s treatment of families grade was rooted in that it is one of only four teams that does not offer a family room or daycare. They are one of seven teams that do not provide daycare support for players’ children on gameday.

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In regards to the Patriots’ second-lowest grade for the weight room (F), they are the only team in the NFL with a majority of players that feel their team’s facility is worse than places they could train offsite.

Belichick tied for New England’s highest grade at head coach (B-). However, players felt that Belichick was rarely willing to listen to the locker room.

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