A bizarre New York Times report linked Aaron Rodgers to a potential political career, and it might be a reality based on an ABC News report Wednesday.

The New York Jets quarterback is at the top of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s list of potential vice president candidates, according to the New York Times. Ex-pro wrestler and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura also is at the top of the reported list.

However, Ventura’s son, Tyrel Ventura, told Will McDuffie of ABC News on Wednesday his 72-year-old father never received a formal offer from Kennedy Jr.

“There has been no formal offer from the Robert Kennedy camp,” Ventura told ABC News as posted by McDuffie on X. “The Governor does not comment on political speculation.”

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McDuffie also reported Kennedy Jr. said Tuesday night he had chosen someone as his running mate — whom he didn’t name — and that person accepted the position.

It’s hard to not connect the dots and think that person might be Rodgers. But it also could be someone else since it seems unfathomable to see the 40-year-old on the campaign trail while preparing for his second season with the Jets following his Achilles injury.

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Rodgers and Kennedy Jr. are close friends and share similar beliefs, especially regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The four-time NFL MVP praised the Independent candidate publicly on Joe Rogan’s podcast and on social media.

Regardless of whether Rodgers actually will be Kennedy Jr.’s running mate this year, the Jets QB likely will endorse him and will have plenty to say about the hysteria around him entering politics.

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