Bill Belichick probably has forgotten more football than the average NFL fan can remember, and his callback of a special teams miscue displayed that fact.

Pat McAfee on Wednesday announced the former New England Patriots head coach will be a co-host for his show’s 2024 NFL Draft coverage next Thursday. Belichick provided a preview of what to expect when he provided insight into the pre-draft process. Other members of the “Pat McAfee Show” chimed in with their own questions, and Adam “Pacman” Jones gave Belichick memories of a Patriots-Tennessee Titans New Year’s Eve clash from the 2006 season.

“First of all Pacman, I want to tell you that that punt you returned against us with the Titans was total BS,” Belichick told Jones. “It was third down, and I was standing there on the sideline, and I said, ‘Look, these guys can’t move the ball. The only way they can score is if we punt it to Pacman and he returns it.’ So we are going out of bounds with this ball. Right before the half, one minute to go in the half, I said, ‘We are going out of bounds with this ball, and we’re gonna make them drive it because they can’t score on our defense.’ And we punt it right down the middle, and you go (81) yards.

“I tell you, I can’t remember a situation I had been more upset about. You killed us on that like I knew you were going to do. It was before we even went on the field. It was third down we were talking about that. I didn’t get a chance to see you after the game because that was a tough game. A lot of things happened in that game, but you killed us on that play.”

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Jones’ punt-return touchdown cut the Titans’ deficit to 19-10, and the Patriots went on to beat the Vince Young-led Titans, 40-23. The victory was capped off by a Vinny Testaverde touchdown pass, but Belichick still didn’t seem pleased about the game after nearly a decade and a half later.

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