Baltimore Orioles prospect Jackson Holliday made his MLB debut Wednesday, soaking up the milestone in a win over the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

It was the start of a career against Boston that he hopes soon will include childhood friend Roman Anthony lining up on the other side of the diamond.

Holliday, the unquestioned top prospect in baseball, spent his early years in Jupiter, Fla. Anthony, who some believe might be Boston’s best prospect, grew up down the road in West Palm Beach, with the two traveling and playing on the same teams as children.

The duo developed a close friendship during that time, which has stretched across stints in the minors and all the way to the big leagues for Holliday.

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“I wish we’d drafted him. He’s one of my good buddies,” Holliday said of the Red Sox prospect Wednesday, per Alex Speier of The Boston Globe. “It’s been awesome to watch him and see what he’s done. For a big guy with so much thump, he’s really good at hitting the ball the other way. When you can do that, it makes the game a whole lot easier.”

Holliday and Anthony couldn’t play together, and though they eventually split to follow their own baseball journey, Holliday hopes they’ll one day be brought back together again.

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“He’s got the big-league body. He’s pretty jacked,” Holliday said of Anthony, per Speier. “What he’s done the last year, and I’m sure with what he’s going to do this year, I don’t think there’s any reason to not push him to the big leagues as fast as possible. … Hopefully I get to compete against him for a long time.”

Red Sox supporters and Orioles fans, despite knowing they’ll have to see the other side of that friendly rivalry, likely would agree.

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Featured image via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images