Bill Belichick made an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Wednesday, announcing he’d be co-hosting an alternate ESPN broadcast of the 2024 NFL Draft next Thursday.

It’s an exciting next step for the legendary coach, but the attention quickly shifted toward something else.

He subtly flexed on all of us during the half hour discussion.

Belichick, presumably sitting in his home office, had a backdrop with multiple Lombardi Trophy’s and other accolades floating over his shoulders. It was something the folks on X, formerly known as Twitter, noticed immediately.

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McAfee pointed out the silver and gold all around Belichick, to which the 72-year-old dropped an iconic line.

“That’s my bling,” he said, flashing his fingers.

It’s been an interesting offseason for Belichick, who was passed over for a couple job opportunities, but it’s nice knowing he’s still got a smile on his face.

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Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images